Prismic and GraphQL Overview

Welcome to the developer guide for Prismic and GraphQL. Prismic’s GraphQL API is a read-only endpoint that allows you to perform deep fetching and selective fetching for documents from your Prismic repository.

This guide describes how to use Prismic’s GraphQL API with React, but you can translate the examples and instructions to any other framework with a GraphQL integration.

Who should use this documentation?

This guide is written for developers who already have some experience with GraphQL. It explains how to use the Prismic GraphQL endpoint to make queries, but it doesn’t explain GraphQL itself.

If you still do not have experience using this query language and need to know more, we recommend you visit the official GraphQL documentation.

Steps to get started

Follow the next steps to configure your project and start using GraphQL.

  1. Install Prismic: Create a repository. Then, connect it to your project using the GraphQL endpoint.
  2. Query data: Learn to write queries using the client. Filter, sort, and limit the API response.
  3. Next steps: Choose your framework to continue with templating the data, generating previews, and deployment.
  4. Starters: Starters that you can customize to your liking.

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