Group Field Reference

This article explains what the Group field is and how to configure it in the Custom Type builder.

The Group field is used to create a repeatable collection of fields. You can use the Group field to create an image gallery, a banner, a list of products, a navigation list, and more.

For example, for a price table, you could create a Group that contains one field for the item name and another field for the item price. The user can repeat the group for every item.

Screenshot of the Group field in the drag-and-drop Custom Type editor.

A Group field cannot be put inside a Slice or another Group field

It is not possible to nest Groups. You cannot put a Group field inside a Group field, nor can you put a Group field inside a Slice.

The visual builder

When configuring a Group field you'll see the options to set the Field name and API ID.

Slice Machine vs. Legacy Editor

Editing fields is almost identical in Slice Machine and the Legacy editor. But it is important to know that the mock config option (to add data to preview content fields in the Slice Simulator) is only available in Slice Machine.

Screenshot of a Group field in the Custom Type editor.

JSON model

The following table displays the JSON keys and values of the field’s 'API response.

Edit the JSON model with caution

Only edit the JSON model to make changes to the Rich Text field labels. Making abrupt changes can cause conflicts when synchronizing changes with your documents.

string (required)

Value must be Group



Object for the configuration options


object (required)

Defines the fields in the group with their optional configuration. Set up each field as described in their respective references.



The label that shows up for the field in the document editor



If set to false it configures the group as not repeatable.

Example JSON configuration

The following JSON defines a Group field with external links with a label for each link:

"example_group" : {
  "type" : "Group",
  "config" : {
    "fields" : {
      "link_label" : {
        "type" : "Text",
        "config" : {
          "label" : "Link Label",
          "placeholder" : "Add a label for the link..."
      "link" : {
        "type" : "Link",
        "config" : {
          "label" : "Link",
          "placeholder" : "Add an external link"
    "label" : "Related Links"

API response example

Below you can see the API response example of a Group field with the API ID of example_group with a Key Text and a Number field:

// API response example of a Group field

  // ...

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