@prismicio/vue v4 Migration Guide


This is a guide for upgrading a project from @prismicio/vue v3 to v4.

@prismicio/vue v4 comes with our updated client, @prismicio/client v7. Breaking changes on this version are mainly inherited from @prismicio/client v7. The following instructions walk you through upgrading to the updated package.

Benefits of upgrading

  • New utilities from @prismicio/client v7 are now available
  • Deprecated APIs from @prismcio/client v5 and v6 were removed
  • Deprecated APIs from @prismicio/helpers v2 were removed
  • Deprecated APIs from @prismicio/types v0 were removed
  • Improved code-splitting and tree shaking

Update packages in package.json

Update your package.json to use the latest version of @prismicio/vue.

  "dependencies": {
    "@prismicio/vue": "^4.0.0"

Update your installed packages with npm.

npm install

Handling breaking changes

The following changes are required when upgrading to @prismicio/vue v4.

Migrate from removed deprecated APIs

APIs that were deprecated in @prismicio/client v5 and v6 were removed. If you didn’t migrate from them previously, you now need to.




// Following examples only show the `usePrismic()` method but
// are also applicable for the `this.$prismic` method.


// For `.get` and any other query methods

 usePrismic().client.get({ filters: ... });

// For `.get` and any other query methods

 usePrismic().client.get({ orderings: [{ field: "my.product.price", direction: "desc" }] };


New features

Previously, @prismicio/helpers v2 helper functions had signatures in the following fashion:

asSomething(field, option1, option2, ..., optionN)

To standardize and help our API grow better, we standardized those helper functions signatures to the following.

asSomething(field, options)

While the old helper functions signatures will still work with @prismicio/client v7, they are now considered deprecated and will be removed in a future major. This affects three helper functions:

  • asLink()
  • asHTML()
  • asText()

While this is optional, we recommend that you migrate these helper functions to the new signature:


 usePrismic().asLink(field, { linkResolver })

 usePrismic().asHTML(field, { linkResolver })

 usePrismic().asHTML(field, { serializer })

 usePrismic().asHTML(field, { linkResolver, serializer })

 usePrismic().asText(field, { separator })

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