Query by language

If you are taking advantage of the Localization feature in your Prismic repository, then you'll need to be able to query documents by a specific language. This page will show you how retrieve documents by language.

Query documents of a certain language

To specify a particular language you want in a query, simply add the "lang" parameter to the query string and set it to the language code you are querying (example, "en-us" for American English).

If you don't specify a "lang" the system will by default query the documents in your master language.

This is an example of how to query for all the documents in Traditional French ("fr-fr"), and here is the required parameter for this query:

is in language "fr-fr"


Query documents in all languages

If you want to query all the documents of the same type in all languages you can just add a * as your lang parameter.

This is an example that queries all the documents of the type "blog-post" in all the available languages.

Here are all the required parameters for this query:

of the type "blog-post"


in any language


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