Multi-language is available for all new repositories

Written by Renaud in Writing Room on April 12,2017

A long awaited feature is now available, multi-language and localisation is hitting production! This will allow creating and publishing content in multiple languages.

The feature is now available for all new repositories, and we will soon be deploying it for existing ones.

A workflow that fits your team.

The first version of our multi-language feature introduces a workflow that helps your translation teams get organized and easily handle content management projects.

The master language is the base language for your content

After creating your new content repository, will ask you to select your master language. This language will be used as a reference for handling the translation of your content into other languages. You will be able to add other languages from the settings panel.

To translate : this is how you know!

Once a document is created on the master language, this same document will appear in other languages with the note "TO TRANSLATE". This allows your editors to have a clear view on their translation tasks and work to do.

Query the API in multiple languages.

Once your documents are published you can query them by specifying the required language. You can read more about querying by language in our documentation.

Available on all new repositories.

This feature is already available for all new repositories and we will deploy it soon to all existing repositories as well. We've received tons of awesome feedback through our slack club. Contact us if you are interested in joining the conversation, and we will be very happy to receive your feedback as well!

Renaud Bressand

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