Access Token

Learn how to set up access tokens in your repository.

You will need to be a repository administrator to generate an access token. If you do not have access to your repository's settings, then contact one of your repository's administrators to help you with this.

Change the API visibility

You can change your API visibility in your repository's Settings > API & Security > Repository security section. You'll see three options.

  • Private API: requires an access token for any request
  • Public API for master: requires an access token to preview releases
  • Open API: licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Generate access tokens

In your repository, go to Settings > API & Security > Generate an Access Token section. Then fill in the new configuration:

  • Application name: The display name to identify your app, For example, My Website.
  • Callback URL: Only needed if you want to enable interaction OAuth authentication. You can list several comma-separated URLs.

Click on Add this application. This will generate the token, which you can then find under the Permanent access tokens section.

Permanent access tokens view
Permanent access tokens view

You can Add new tokens or Revoke existing ones that have access to your master ref, or to your master ref and releases ref.

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