Richer Slices for Campaigns and Landing Pages

Written by Renaud in Writing Room on July 05,2017

A long awaited feature has been deployed in your repositories.

Components made of repeatable and non-repeatable sections now allows you to a create a new kind of Slice, a Composite Slice, that is divided up into two sections: a non-repeatable section and a repeatable section.

Content Slices gives publishers the ability to build their website and campaign pages dynamically from a set of preconfigured components. They provide more freedom for publishers while keeping full control of the design coherence.

Let's see how you would setup a Composite Slice if you wanted to build a grid display of logos like the one that you can find on's new website (as seen in the picture below).

First, the non-repeatable section

You need to set up the fixed fields for this Slice: the title field for "The world’s best companies use to push content to their websites and apps." and the text field for "Trusted by world-class companies worldwide.". Both of these fields will be held in the non-repeatable section of your Slice in order to have them appear only once.

Second, the repeatable section

Then, you add an image field for the client logos. These will be in the repeatable section of your Slice in order to have multiple instances of that set of fields. You can now easily add as many clients logos as you want.

This gives you a lot of flexibility for the creation of your pages. It is especially useful for CTAs, Banners, Q&A, Image Galleries and all other types of content components.

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