Tips on content modeling in API CMS

Guides and best practices for a good CMS UX: basic concepts and practical examples.
Content modeling example


A very brief introduction to content modeling

What is content modeling and why it's important for a good CMS UX

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Introduction to content modeling. Part II

Going deeper into the concepts of content modeling: custom types, repeatable types and single types, static and dynamic zones

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Marketing Websites

E-commerce websites

Why bother

A content model is at least 50% responsible for the UX of your CMS. Yet very few people care about content modeling. No one questions the importance of good design, solid code, strong content. But content modeling is often undeservingly overlooked. You can get the best CMS ever, but if you fail to set up a good content model, developers and authors will be unhappy.

We think that's not cool, so we put together this collection of guides. They are not on our own opinions. Rather, they're based on knowledge gathered through hundreds of projects that our clients and partners have launched with Prismic.

The theory holds true for any headless CMS out there. Some of it applies to non-headless CMSes, too. Practical examples feature Prismic, but any other headless CMS should work as well.

–– The Prismic team