How to Export Content

This article explains how to export published content from your repository.

The Import/Export tool is available starting on the Medium Plan. More about pricing.

Prismic's Export tool creates a ZIP file of all published documents in your repository. Here are the steps to perform an export:

  1. In your repository, navigate to Settings > Import/Export > Export your document.
  2. Click on the Export your documents button. This will create a downloadable snapshot of your documents.
  3. Click the link to download the archive of your documents.
  4. The download is a compressed ZIP file. It contains a folder with JSON files for each of your published documents.

If you need an up-to-date Export after you've performed one, click "Done" and click on "Export your document" again. This will generate a fresh snapshot.

An exported JSON filename looks like this:


The hash before the $ character is the filename or document ID.

Limitations of Export

  • You can not export releases, drafts, or archived documents.
  • You can not use the Export tool to export Custom Types, Images, or files.
  • We do not recommend this tool to transfer content between the environments or to clone your repository.
  • You can not selectively export documents. All documents are exported.

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