Nuxt.js & Prismic

Welcome to the home of Nuxt.js at Prismic. Here you can follow the useful links below to learn about creating a Nuxt.js project in Prismic. You'll also find other useful links in the sidebar. Enjoy!

Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial is for beginners, designed to take you slowly through the process of setting up a project using the power of components.

Follow the step by step installation
  1. Install the correct version of NPM
  2. Install The Prismic CLI
  3. Sign in with the CLI
  4. Create a new Nuxt.js app
  5. Run The Prismic SM Setup Command
  6. Add the Slice Zone to your page
  7. Run your project

Nuxt.js & Prismic Sample Project

Nuxt.js website project
Multi-pageNuxt.js & Slicemachine Sample Project

Example website project with multiple pages and a top-level navigation