Get Started with Nuxt

This guide will show you how to add Prismic to a Nuxt project in about twenty minutes. If you want to jump right in, proceed to the setup step:

Prismic has an unlimited free tier for projects with one user. To learn more, see our pricing page:

What skills will I need?

If you're a developer building a project with Prismic and Vue, we recommend that you already have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and Nuxt.

If a developer is setting up Prismic for you, you won't need any technical knowledge — Prismic is designed to be used by anyone.

Can I use Nuxt 3?

This documentation is written for Nuxt 2. Nonetheless, at Prismic, we're very excited about Nuxt 3. We have already released a development version of our package for Nuxt 3. In the future, we'll update this documentation to Nuxt 3.

Steps to get started

This guide will walk you through the steps to deploying your website and creating content. Here's what you'll do:

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