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Welcome to the developer documentation for Prismic and React.js. This page outlines some of the resources that you will find in this documentation.

Working with Next.js or Gatsby?

Prismic offers dedicated documentation for some of the most popular React frameworks. If you are working on a Gatsby or Next.js website, then head to their dedicated section linked below.

Introduction to React.js

If you've found yourself here, then most likely you already know at least a little about React. For those that don't, the React.js website describes React as a declarative, component-based JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Before you start

If you don't have any previous experience with React, then we recommend learning a little React before continuing here. There are lots of great resources available to help you get started:

Getting started

This documentation mainly covers how to use React.js with the Prismic REST API (our recommended implementation). If you're ready to start learning how to use Prismic with React.js, here's where to begin:

Start with your use case

Sample websites and blogs are a great place to start if you're new to Prismic as they are very easy to explore and learn from. Feel free to explore how it all works or even to use them as boilerplates for your own project if it fits your needs!

BlogReact.js Blog

Example blog project using Prismic slices in React.js

The website we'll be making
Multi-pageReact.js multi-page website

Example website project with multiple pages and a top-level navigation in React.js