Tutorial Series Introduction


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Package versions

These docs use the following package versions:

  • prismic-reactjs: v1.3
  • @prismicio/client: v5

The docs will soon be updated to use the latest versions of these packages. If you wish to use the latest versions today, you can update your project by following the migration guides for each package.

The articles in this guide will show you how to recreate a design from a Next.js boilerplate project. A project that will allow you to create components and their models locally, as well as querying content from Prismic.

These Articles will show you how to do the following:

  • Set up the boilerplate project
  • Model your content locally & send your models to Prismic
  • Add your content and pull it locally
  • Deploy your project and preview live changes

Live Demo

First let's take a look at the project we'll be using for this article series.

As you can see, we're working with a pretty simple website. It has a homepage with a banner at the top and some content sections below. The pages are also made up of the same content sections that we saw on the homepage, and there is a navigation at the top of the page that we'll be taking a closer look at as well.

Tutorial Articles

Now to the main event! Here is a summary of the 6 articles in this tutorial series.

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