Tutorial Series Introduction


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Get a quick overview of the contents of our 'Start From Scratch' tutorial series.

How These Tutorials Will Work

The articles in this guide will show you how to recreate a design from a default Nuxt.js project. A project that will allow you to pull content from Prismic and manage your components and their models locally.

These Articles Will Show You How to Do the Following:

  • Set up the required plugins and libraries
  • Model your content locally & send you models to Prismic
  • Add your content and pull it locally
  • Deploy your project and preview live changes.

Live Demo

First let's take a look at the project we'll be using for this article series.

As you can see, we're working with a pretty simple website. It has a homepage with a banner at the top and some content sections below. The pages are also made up of the same content sections that we saw on the homepage, and there is a navigation at the top of the page that we'll be taking a closer look at as well.

Tutorial Articles

Now to the main event! Here is a summary of the 6 articles in this tutorial series.

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