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Taking your content to the Next.js level with Prismic

Just like Prismic, Next is suitable for almost any project and comes with default settings that will make your life easier

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Next is a free and open source framework based on React. Offering Server-Side Rendering, it can be easily combined with Prismic to deliver fast websites and a great developer experience.

Making your life easier

Next comes with default settings that are extremely suitable for most websites. With Sever Side Rendering to deliver speed, the possibility of going serverless, and the ability to fetch data from varied sources you have the ability to build whatever you need.

Next level components

Slice Machine is a component management tool that will improve your workflow and give you access to customizable component libraries. Whether you're just looking to speed up your build time, use open-source components for your project, or simply find some inspiration, it's worth a look.

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Your Next framework

Simple isn't always a good thing, but when it comes to making a build easier, it definitely is. Right-out-of-the-box, Next has simplified a lot of the aspects of your build that can be a challenge in React.

Learn just one framework

That flexibility means that you don’t have to use multiple frameworks for a project (unless you want to). With a single command, you can choose if you want to server side render your website or export it to HTML – making Next suitable for just about anything.

Streamlining React

Speaking of making things easier, Next simplifies a lot of things that can be complicated in React. Things like automatic link prefetching and automatic code-splitting are there for you right from the start.

Easy deployment

All it takes is the *next build* command and you are up and running. What could be more straightforward than that?

Managing content in Next

With Next making your life simple, you don’t want to choose a CMS that will slow down your build or complicate your content management.

Integrate Prismic in just a few minutes

So you’ve chosen Next? But why would you choose Prismic as your CMS? For starters, we have a close relationship with the Next team and you'd be opting for a CMS that is future-proofed for Next updates and developments. With an easy setup, a great configuration for rich text, and a CMS that works well with the React lib, you'll have a CMS that will make using Next as simple and efficient as possible.

What Prismic delivers right out-of-the-box

Dynamic multi-session previews

If you want to render pages faster for your users, then you probably also want to know exactly what their experience will be like when they arrive on your website. Previews allows you to instantly see exactly what your content will look like.

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Try it out - start coding right away

Try it out - start coding right away