Improvements for image constraints and editing

Written by Sébastien Renault in Writing Room on September 26,2017

We're happy to release some improvements in image editing and size definition.

These improvements were based on the great feedback that we continually get from our community.

Automatic resizing based on a height or width constraint for responsive views

We deployed a new improvement for the custom type builder. The Image definition now allows you to create responsive views with only one of the two values previously required (width or height). This creates a responsive image on the fly based on either its height or its width specified along with the image's original size.

Improvements in image editing.

When you define constraints for your image, the editing popup will now let you enter a value in order to redefine the size of your image.

This facilitates the cropping and editing workflow of your images and their responsive views.

Sébastien Renault

Core developer and architect.