A new RichText editor for better performance and multi-language support

Written by Renaud in Writing Room on April 27,2017

A new update is hitting beta today. We've completely rebuilt our RichText editor, this comes with some major improvements and changes in the design.

Finally, spell check!

The new editor comes with native spell check that you can configure in your browsers settings. You can now eliminate syntax errors and typos directly from your prismic.io editor.

Special characters management

With the new multi-language feature it was important for us to handle special ( Latin, Japanese, arabic, etc. ) characters, it's now possible thanks to this update.

You can now add as many circumflex accents as you want.

RichText editor gone turbo

We have received some feedback related to our old RichText performance on heavy documents. Our new richText editors improve drastically the performance, it also gives a native feel during edition with all the standards shortcuts.

A new design for embed

We have also redesigned the embed fragment, you can now embed and preview media using a popup. Edition changed to be similar to the links, simply click on the embed fragment If you want to edit.

Don't lose your formatting

Our new editor allows you to copy and paste formatted text directly into prismic. You can now copy content from a website, a Word or a Drive document without losing the formatting of your content. Some improvements are still to come but you can already ask for the new richText editor in your repository through the chat support.

As usual we really are waiting for your feedback.

Renaud Bressand

Renaud focuses on user experience and onboarding prismic.io users. He also helps out with support and even occasionally codes in scala. A real Swiss army knife! A retired footballer, he is passionate about good food.