Live Editing in the New Page Builder

The new Page Builder completely reimagines the page-building experience and adds live-rendered preview thumbnails.

Eventually, the new Page Builder will replace the legacy editor. In the meantime, if you switch to the new Page Builder, you can easily revert to the Legacy Editor.

The new Page Builder only works with Slice Machine projects, which means that it is compatible with Next.js and Nuxt.

Some features are not yet supported in the new Page Builder. We're working towards adding the following features:

  • Revision history
  • Integrations
  • Rich text labels

Get access

We are currently inviting users to sign up for the waitlist. We will let you know we have enabled the new Page Builder for your repository.

Once you have access to the Page Builder, your documents will automatically be opened with it.

Prepare your codebase

Screenshot of the Page Builder

In order to enable this feature for your content team you will need to do three things:

  • Install the slice simulator, if you haven't already (instructions for Next.js and Nuxt)
  • Deploy your website
  • Have a live URL for your website to add in the Page Builder (see below for how to set it up)

Enable live previews

To enable live previews, first ensure that you have the slice simulator installed: check the slicemachine.config.json file at the root of your project. The file should include a "localSliceSimulatorURL" property like "https://localhost:3000/slice-simulator". Your project should include a corresponding page component.

Your project must be deployed. Once deployed, you can check to ensure that the slice simulator is working by visiting You should see a page like this:

Screenshot of the Prismic slice simulator page
This page appears when you try to access the slice simulator directly.

Copy–paste the URL for that page into the configuration for the Page Builder. Now you should have live previews working.

Revert to the Legacy Editor

Rest assured, you won’t lose any of your current work when you upgrade to the new Page Builder. Your existing documents will be available for you to edit in the new Page Builder. Any changes you make in the new Page Builder will persist if you ever revert to the Legacy Editor.

Our first release of the new page builder does not support all the features of the current Page Builder. So, if there is something you want to do using the Legacy Editor you can easily switch back.

Offer feedback

We value your input! Use this form to provide feedback on the Page Builder. Your feedback will help us improve the tool and provide you with a better editing experience. Please provide a detailed description of any bugs you encounter or new features you want to see:

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