New feature: Set up new custom types faster by reusing existing content components

Written by Renaud Bressand in Writing Room on June 05,2018

We released a new feature: slice library. 

It helps with setting up new custom types by copying slices from one custom type to another.

What are slices

A quick reminder for those who haven’t used slices yet: slices are reusable content components that can be inserted into any custom type. Slices are good for recurring content elements that appear across different pages of a website: for example, a “headline + image + text paragraph” section that can appear on different landing pages with different layouts. The point of slices is to enable creating new pages without writing new code – so that content managers can create new pages independently.

Read more about slices on a dedicated feature page or take a look at this guide

What you can do now [that you couldn’t do before]

You can copy an existing slice (in other words, add it to a slice library) and add it to another custom type – all in 2–3 clicks. That is very helpful when you want to set up a new custom type, reusing existing blocks of content.

Why would you want that

To avoid creating the same slices manually (by dragging and dropping fields or by copying fragments of JSONs back and forth)

How it works

  1. Open a custom type
  2. Find your favourite slice
  3. Add it to the slice library
  4. Open another custom type
  5. Add a slice and select “Use existing slice”

This guide explains it nicely →

What has changed

Previously copying slices between custom types and repositories was quite messy. (You had to find a relevant part of the JSON that describes the custom type and copy it into another custom type manually. I did it myself yesterday and it was anything but fun.) 

Now it becomes a matter of adding a slice to a library once: after that it becomes available in any custom type and any repo (only for that user, though – the scope of the slice library is per-user, not per-team or per-repo).

Tell us what you think

Slice library has been in beta mode for some time, and the response from the community has been quite positive:


Please tell us your thoughts after you copy a first slice: send a tweet, an in-app message, or an email. Knowing what you think will help us understand whether this feature makes sense and how it fits your use cases. For us that’s really the only way to build a product that addresses real needs of real people, not something that we made up for ourselves.

Renaud Bressand

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