The Slices Builder : Content components for everyone !

Written by Renaud Bressand in Writing Room on July 12,2017

Today, we are thrilled to officially annonce the release of a long awaited feature: the new Content Slices Builder

Content Slices : A flexible way to build your page with content components

Content Slices give publishers the ability to build websites and campaign pages dynamically from a set of preconfigured components. They provide more freedom for publishers while maintaining design guidelines.

Due to the very positive feedback on this unique feature and in response to a large demand from the community, we have decided to invest time into making the configuration of Content Slices much simpler.

A Slice zone for each tab in your custom type

From now on, you can quickly create your own Slices through the Slices Builder. For each tab you create in your custom type builder you will find a Slice Zone that lets you configure your Slices. You simply have to activate this Slice Zone in order to start creating new Slices through the UI.

Once the Slice zone is activated, you can create a set of components that will then be available for your editors when creating their documents. Theses Slices can be mixed and matched to their liking to build truly customized landing-pages, blogpost, etc.

The Slices will then be available through the API, allowing developers to integrate them while respecting design guidelines.

An icon, a name and a description to help your content editors

Once the new Slice is created, you assign it an icon, a name and a description. This visual information will facilitate your content editors' work experience as they will quickly understand what each Slice is for. They will have a clear view of all the Slices at their disposal and pick the one that best fits what their needs.

We've set up some examples for you!

You don't even have to build your own Slices to start playing around with the feature and understanding its benefit. By clicking on the Create a New Slice button, you can access a tab listing all predefined Slices. From this tab, you can pick and choose one of the Slices to add to your custom type.

The new Slices Builder features the new Composite Slices

The new Slices Builder will create Composite Slices that are divided up into two sections: a non-repeatable section and a repeatable section. This type of Slices gives you more flexibility and allows you to compose richer layouts. See more

Kit support for the new slices

The new Slices are already supported for the JavaScript, PHP and Scala kits ; the Ruby Kit is in the works. We would like to recognize the efforts of the community, they greatly helped us by contributing to our open source kits. Special thanks to George Steel, Krunal Patel, Valtteri Karesto and Francois de Metz.

The builder is available for all new repositories

This feature is already enabled on all new repositories and it is coming to yours very soon! If you simply cannot wait, feel free to request the builder on your repository directly through the chat support or on our Community forum.
As always, don't hesitate to help us improving it by giving your feedback or contributing on your favorite SDK language!

Create a repository and start playing with the Slice builder

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