Reusable content components for your layouts? The new slices are here!

Written by Renaud in Announcement on February 28,2017

A frequent need from a CMS is some mechanism to define reusable components in the style of Wordpress's Visual Composer. Reusable components allow you to visualy compose rich layouts like composable landing-pages, case studies, rich stories (medium like), etc. content slices allow you to do that. I'm happy to announce a big improvement in their capabalities and design.

Author and marketer friendly

It's very simple once the developer has configured the slices for a given layout, a non-saavy editor will simply see a choice of components like quotes, image gallery, paragraphs, feature sections, etc. They will be able to mix and match these to create their pages without needing a developer.

This comes with a new diff allowing you to easily compare your images and text in the context of the slices. We've also redesigned our group fields, allowing you to easily browse your group content.

Lightweight, productive and future-friendly

Our focus in this version is to make slices more productive, performant and visualy lightweight. Also, this provides a very good foundation for long-waited improvements and capabilies. So stick aroud, there is much more to come. ;)

Have you built a layout with content components? It's time.

Do you want to get introduced to the power of content slices? You can find more information about them in our docs, and we are more than happy to help you set up with slices in your project. Just let us know!

Renaud Bressand

Renaud focuses on user experience and onboarding users. He also helps out with support and even occasionally codes in scala. A real Swiss army knife! A retired footballer, he is passionate about good food.