Edit Rich Text

Prismic has a highly-customizable text editor.

Depending on how your Rich Text editor is configured, you might see many different options for formatting. Here we'll describe a few key features that you might encounter.


Text editors in Prismic won't necessarily have any formatting options enabled. If they do, they can have formats like headings, italic, bold, lists, and more.

There are two main types of formatting in Prismic:

  • Block formatting — like a heading style or a list item — which applies to an entire paragraph.
  • Text formatting — like bold or italic — only applies to the selected text.

Adding media

Along with formatting, it's possible to add images and embeds directly to a Rich Text field. To do so, click on the image or embed icon.

Adding links

If links are enabled in your editor, you can add one by clicking the editor bar's link icon. A menu will open offering three options:

  • Link to the Web
  • Link to a Document
  • Link to a Media item

"Link to the Web" will let you enter a URL to another webpage.

"Link to a Document" will let you create a link to another document in Prismic.

"Link to a Media Item" will let you link to an item in your Media Library.

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