Create a Page, Add Content & Publish

By the end of this document you will be able to create a document in Prismic and send it to the API.

💡 Querying Your Content?

This article works best when using our preconfigured Nuxt.js project, which has pages set-up to do your queries for you. Otherwise you will need to read more about creating queries in your project.

Create a Page

To create 'Page' in your repository: go to the 'Document' tab and then click on the green pencil button. This will either open a new document or ask you to choose which type of document you would like to create, be it a 'Page', 'Menu' or whatever.

Add and Publish the Content

Once you document is opened the first thing you'll need to do is fill in the UID field. The UID field is a unique identifier used to create user-friendly URLs for your website. Check out the complete guide for the UID field.

After you've done this you can then toggle the Slice Zone, choose a Slice and add content to the fields.

Once you are done editing your document, save it. The "Save" button will then become the "Publish" button. Clicking the "Publish" button and selecting "Publish Now" will immediately send your content through the API to your application. You can also see the API response in the API Browser.

To view your content in your local project run npm run dev in your terminal. You should see your new page with the added content while visiting URL http://localhost:3000/name-of-page-uid. Otherwise check out your live website

Previews & Releases

This powerful Prismic feature will allow you to see how content changes will affect your website without publishing and/or making breaking changes. It will also help you save on re-building costs :)

Content Changes Not Appearing on Your Website?

There can be a number of simple reasons why changes that you made may not be appearing in your website application. Check out our troubleshooting guide for solutions.

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