Install NPM


These docs rely on Slice Machine, which is in active development and subject to change. Content Relationships are not currently supported with Slices.

Before you start - Node Version

To use Slice Machine you will need to have at least version 12.16.1 of node installed on your machine. You can check this by running the node -v command in your terminal.

Install Node

Node.js is used to power most modern Javascript frameworks to help you build websites fast and easily. Using Node.js you can work with Javascript outside the browser. NPM (Node Package Manager) is used to install the various node dependencies used to power the Slice Machine.

On this page we'll show you how to set up your local machine to allow you to build websites offline. Luckily though, this is something that is very well documented already. So we'll allow William Vincent and his slick tutorials to take you through the process.

You can follow his tutorial for Mac or for Windows depending on your machine.

Update Node

If you already have Node installed but need to update it, then you can do so using Node Version Manager (NVM), NPM, or using the installer on This article explains how to to do that for whichever OS you are using.


NPX will be used to create a new Next.js project. It comes pre-installed on the latest NPM, though on some older versions of NPM it's not pre-installed. You can check the latest version here. Check your NPX version with npx -v.

Install the latest NPX with the command below.

npm install -g npx

If that doesn't work...

sudo npm install -g npx