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Depending on your use case, these features might serve your needs:

Integrate with external data sources

Integration Fields helps you embed and sync external data into your Prismic documents. A common use case for Integration Fields is to allow content editors handpick products from a product database and feature them into Prismic copies.

You can integrate with any data source and have multiple integrations configured on your Prismic repository. Integrations can use one of the two methods:

Migrating existing content

If you're looking to migrate content into Prismic, you should check out our Import/Export feature.

Bulk updates on existing content

If you need to migrate content from a field to another after a schema change, you can export your content in JSON (from the Import & Export section of your repository settings) and reimport the updated files by keeping the original documents filename, the filenames look like these:


Translation workflows

The Import module is also useful for importing translated content for an existing document. You can also import a new document along with its translations.

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