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Keeping it simple with Prismic and Nuxt

For Vue users, Nuxt provides a guiding structure from which you can build without worrying about unnecessary details. But there's no point in choosing simplicity if you combine it with a CMS that complicates your project.

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A friendly learning curve

The combination of Nuxt and Prismic provides a straightforward developer experience that is great for kickstarting projects. Nuxt has built on the simplicity of Vue to provide a more structured approach - allowing you to focus on the areas of your build that really matter.

Straightforward components 

Adopting a component-based approach in React can have a steep learning curve, but Nuxt has added a structure to Vue's easy approach to components that allows you to build your website faster. 

Static or Dynamic  

It even offers the flexibility of choosing between a static and dynamic build - but no matter which approach you choose, the Prismic Previews feature will ensure that your content looks just right. 

Implementing a component-based approach?

Slice Machine is a component management tool that will improve your workflow and give you access to customizable component libraries. Whether you're just looking to speed up your build time, use open-source components for your project, or simply find some inspiration, it's worth a look.

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Simplicity - right out of the box.

Nuxt comes with all of the little things that make Vue great (like Vuex and Vue Router) and, right out of the box, offers default configurations that implement a host of best practices.

Automated route generation

Nuxt will automatically generate your routes once you have placed your single file Vue components into your pages folder. That isn't to say that Nuxt is limited or restrictive, but it offers a helping hand throughout the build process.

Pre-render your Vue pages on your server 

It can be a challenge to pre-render your Vue pages on your server, with Nuxt you can avoid any complications by automatically generating your pages on the server and easily adding SEO-related tags.

Focus on your content

Nuxt provides you with all of the best practices that you will need to make sure your website or app will work smoothly - now you just need to worry about all of that content you need to put on your website.

Make managing content simple

Nuxt offers a fantastically structured approached, by choosing Prismic, you will be making sure that this stays true even once your website is up and running. 

Why Prismic

We've built a CMS that encourages a component-based approach, even for content creators. With Prismic, building with components feels natural and our Slices feature even means that content creators can use front-end components to build pages without having to rely on devs. Our structure isn't intended to just make life easy - it won't limit what you do. The structured approach is simply there to help.

A component CMS for a component framework

Component-based approach

Vue, unlike some other frameworks, makes using components easy right from the get-go. Nuxt has taken this one step further - you should expect the same from your CMS. A component-based approach allows developers to clearly divide work amongst themselves and progress without having to rely on each other every step of the way. Work more efficiently. Coordinate better. Save time.

Extensive documentation and ecosystem

Use Prismic with Nuxt.js

We make sure to provide a wealth of documentation, materials, and tutorials that will guide and inspire you. We also actively engage with our community to have a better understanding of what our users are doing with Prismic and to provide use cases and examples that will help you with your own projects. A Slack channel. A Community.

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Simplicity - right out of the box