Introducing Our In-Website Edit Button

Written by Edward Hewitt in Announcement on April 08,2019

The myth of the 'quick' update

We've all been there. You're looking over your website and realize that you need to update or correct some content - now you just need to find a way to edit the page.

That sounds simple, right? But first, you have to find the content that you need to edit. This most likely involves going to your CMS, going to the pages or writing room section, finding the page in question, making your edits, and then finally going back to make sure that everything looks just right.

That's a lot of work to make an update or to correct an error - especially if your document tags aren't as good as they should be (when are they ever?) or if you have hundreds (or even thousands) of pages to search through.

I'm probably not the first one who's asked themselves if it is really worth all of that effort (even if I shouldn't be admitting it). Do we really need the latest figures on this page? Will someone really notice that typo? If only it could all be easier...

Editing made easy

So we've come up with a solution to the problem. With Prismic's new In-website Edit Button you will be able to edit your pages in only two clicks. Any of user with access to your Prismic account will have an edit button displayed in the bottom left of their page.

From there, all they will have to do is click the button, select the part of the page that they want to edit, and they will be redirected to the appropriate page in your Writing Room. It really is as simple as that.

Writers will now be able to jump straight from your website to the writing room to make updates. That's good news for anyone who needs to make updates or correct mistakes, but bad news for anyone who had been using this pain point as an excuse to not get their work done.

Previews. The perfect partner for the Edit Button

So once you've made your updates, the only thing you have left to worry about is what your changes will look like. Our Previews feature allows users to generate real-time links to their work where they can see exactly what their page will look like before they publish. The feature is already one of our most popular tools for writers and editors, but when used with the new Edit Button it makes editing and publishing content an even better experience.

With Previews, you can make sure that every part of your content is formatted correctly across different devices and check for broken links or components.

A quick overview of how you can use the Edit Button with the Previews feature

You can generate as many live Previews as you need and even share them with colleagues or contributors who don't have access to Prismic to get their feedback and input. The Previews will automatically update to reflect any changes that you've made, so you won't have to keep sharing a new link every time you update something.

Who knows, maybe this will even help you to avoid publishing those typos and mistakes that you had to correct in the first place.

Now you've seen it. Now you need it.

If you aren't a Prismic user and this sounds like a game changer, this might be a good time to reach out to us to discuss your projects.

If you are an existing Prismic user the feature will be available soon. If you're interested in trying it out you can get in touch with us and you can test it in beta. The only thing that you will need to do is to change the version of the script that you request on your project. You'll be able to find the address of this script on your repository / Settings / Previews.

If not, once the beta phase is over we will deploy the feature for all repos and all websites.

Edward Hewitt

Content Strategist. If the devs have their way, Edward will one day be replaced by a Prismic feature.