Intro to Editing

Learn how to use the Writing Room, Prismic's full-featured document editor.

The Prismic Writing Room is our full-featured document editor. When you create a document or select one in the document screen, you open the Writing Room.

You can directly edit fields in the Writing Room, click Save to save your changes, and click Publish to publish your changes.


You might see multiple tabs on your document. Administrators can structure the document editor with tabs to help organize fields.


One of Prismic's most useful features is slices. Slices are rearrangeable website sections. You can use slices to build advanced page layouts without a developer. If your administrator has configured them, you can add, rearrange, edit, and delete slices in your document.

Slices appear below the main section of the editor.

To add your first slices, click the plus icon at the editor's bottom and select a slice model. Then, you can edit the slice content as needed.

To rearrange slices, use the two arrows at the top-right corner of the slice editor.

To delete a slice, click the trashcan icon at the top-right corner of the slice editor.

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