Delete Your Account

This page explains how to delete your Prismic account.

Deleting your account is a two-step process. Follow the instructions below to get your account deleted.

Remove your access to repositories

Before you can delete your account, you must first remove yourself from all of your repositories. The process differs depending on your role.

Go to the Prismic Dashboard. Click on one of your repositories under All repositories and click on the cog icon to go to the repository settings. Click on Users and find the Role Type for your user.

If you own the repository

If you are the Repository Owner, you must transfer or delete the repository. To learn how to transfer the repository to a new owner, visit the Manage Users documentation.

To delete the repository, see the instructions for deleting a repository.

If you don’t own the repository

If you are an Administrator, then you can leave the repository. Otherwise, you must ask a Repository Owner or Administrator to remove you.

Submit a support request

Once you've removed all repositories from your account, submit a support request to one of our Support Engineers, who will help you delete your account.

Go to the Prismic Support Portal.

  • In the Summary field, write “Delete My Account”
  • In the Description field, explain you wish to delete your account and confirm you are no longer a part of any Prismic repositories
  • In the Account field, provide the email address used for your Prismic account and set the priority level to Low

Click the Send button to submit your request. One of our Support Engineers will get back to you and proceed with the account deletion process.

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