Preview Drafts

If you have Prismic previews configured, you can preview drafts live on your website.

This document tells content editors how to use previews. Are you a developer looking for a guide on how to set up previews? See Set up Previews.

Preview mode

You'll know that your website is in preview mode because you will see a preview toolbar at the bottom-left corner of your web page. This toolbar includes the names of all the documents or releases that you are currently previewing.

While you are in preview mode, the preview will refresh whenever you save a change in your drafts.

Open a preview

To preview a draft, open it in the editor. Make sure you save the draft changes, then click the eye icon in the screen's top-right corner. A new tab will open and take you to your preview session.

Preview environments

Your developer can configure many preview environments for your repository (for example, previews on your production site, development site, and local development environment).

If you have more than one environment, when you click the preview button, you open a drop-down menu to select which environment you'd like to preview.

Preview a release

You can also preview a collection of changes in a release.

To preview a release, find your release on the document screen. In the menu bar on the right-hand side of the screen, click Preview.

Exit a preview session

When you're done previewing, click on the "X" in the preview toolbar to exit your preview session.

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