Version panel : Have a clear view of your content scheduling and document versions

Written by Renaud in Writing Room on July 07,2017

Since the beginning, has provided a powerful publication scheduling and management tool called releases.

Use Releases to improve and automate your workflow

Releases allow a content editor to group changes in their content and create a workspace for a specific event. Once all the changes are ready, the content editor can publish all the changes together in one click. Or if needed, they can just as easily schedule the publication for later.

This feature is unique to and it allows an editor to schedule multiple changes for a single document. For example, let's look at Tabcorp, the biggest betting company worldwide.

TabCorp constantly use Releases to push content for their sporting event. For a football game between 4pm and 6pm, they might display a game-specific banner on the homepage and remove the game's landing page. For a basketball game at 8pm, they'll need to change the homepage again! Releases allow them to pre-schedule all the changes for different times through the weekend.

Introducing version panel

To improve the clarity of Releases and multi-draft management, we are releasing a new feature called the version panel. The version panel gives you a clear view of all your scheduled publications and drafts for a given content document. This list allows you to easily switch between each version.

This feature is progressively deployed on all repositories.

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Our goal at is to build the future of CMS along with our users and community at its core.

This feature was built with the help of this awesome community through Slack. If you want to join our Community forum, please don't hesitate to join here.

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