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On this page, you'll learn how to invite and manage users.

Inviting users

Starting on the Starter plan, you can invite users to your repo. To invite a new user, go to Settings > Users. In the input field, type in the new user's email address and click "send."

The new user will receive an email notification and if they don't already have a Prismic account, an invitation to sign up.

The new user will appear as Pending until they have accepted their invitation. A pending invitation is counted as one user in your plan.

You can cancel an invite by clicking Cancel in the pending invitations list.

User roles

In Basic plans, all users have the role of Administrator.

In Professional plans, there are three user roles available: Writer, Publisher, and Administrator.

Once a user has accepted an invite, you can set their role. All new users have the role of Writer by default.

User roles facilitate a collaborative workflow. Here are the rights and abilities of the different roles:


- Create draft documents

- Edit documents, without publishing changes


Everything a Writer can do, plus:

- Review and publish drafts and edits

- Schedule publications


Everything a Publisher can do, plus:

- Edit repo settings

- Create and edit Custom Types

Repository Owner

There is only one Repository Owner

Everything an Administrator can do, plus:

- Access and edit billing information

These user roles are designed to allow Writers to create content and Publishers to review and publish content.

Transferring ownership

Warning: Payment details

When you transfer ownership of a repo, any payment details will remain. That means you might continue to get billed for the repo after you have been removed from it. Consider deleting payment details before transferring ownership.

Paid plans

In Settings > User, there is a section for transferring ownership of your repo to another user.

Select the user you want to transfer ownership to, and click Transfer ownership.

Free plans

Free plans can only have one user, so this feature works differently.

Because free plans can only have one user, transferring ownership means that you will lose access to your repo.

In Settings > Users, scroll to Transfer ownership. Type in the email address of the new owner, and then click Transfer ownership.

Transfer ownership free plan

The ownership will transfer when the new owner accepts the ownership. Until that point, you can cancel the transfer by clicking Cancel.

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