Publish a New Document

Learn how to publish a document in Prismic.

To create a new document in Prismic, go to the document list in your repo, click the New icon, and select the type of document you'd like to create. This will create an unsaved draft.

Prismic's new document icon
The icon to create a new document is a pencil in a green box.

After you make your first edit to the new document, you can save it as a draft by clicking Save.

Saving a draft will not publish the document.

After saving a draft, the Save button becomes a Publish button. If your user role is Publisher, Administrator, or Repository Owner, you can publish the document. (Learn more about User Roles.)

If your role is Writer, you can add the document to a release, but you can not publish it yourself. (Learn more about adding a document to a release.)

Once a document is published, it will be immediately available on the Prismic API.

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