Prismic and Next.js 101

The Client Project You'll Be Building


[00:00] You've just been hired by a client, Mr. McDonald, who runs a successful farming solution startup.

[00:05] They're happy with the design and performance of the website you built for them, but now they want to build and manage new pages without having to ask you to code it from scratch or know how to code it themselves.

[00:15] They've heard about Prismic and after some research decided that this is the CMS for them because of the ability to create a page builder with Prismic, which is fully customizable to their needs and they want you to implement it.

[00:28] Your first task is to learn more about Prismic and how to use it with your preferred framework Next js.

[00:34] This course will take you through all the basics and have you up to speed in no time so that you can deliver an awesome publishing experience to your client using this powerful tool.

[00:42] I'll be your guide along the way to show you the ropes. Lesson one will give you a quick, high level view of the tools used to integrate a website with Prismic.

[00:50] Then each follow-up lesson will go into more detail on these tools, helping you to convert Mr. McDonald's website into a page-building application using Prismic.


You've been hired by a client to convert their hardcoded website into a page building application with Prismic. You'll need to learn more about how to do this.