Turn your design into Slices

Lesson Overview


[00:00] So now you've got the basics of how Prismic works. Mr. McDonald is here to get to work and wants you to start recreating the current website in Prismic.

[00:07] But before you jump right in and start adding text and links everywhere, you'll need to understand how to take a page design and turn it into a smooth content editing experience for Mr. McDonald.

[00:16] This lesson will explain how to take a web design and break it down into website sections.

[00:21] It'll teach you how to install Slice Machine in your Next.js project. Then how to reconstruct the page design as page types, and Slices and fields using Slice Machine.

[00:30] This will allow you to do last coding while delivering a flexible publishing experience to any authors in Prismic.

What you'll learn in this lesson

  • Turning designs into models
  • Setting up Slice Machine
  • Making page types, slices, and fields
  • Delivering intuitive editing experiences