Prismic and Next.js 101

Why Use Prismic?


[00:00] Prismic can be described as a headless website builder. The headless part means that the website project and content creation are maintained in different applications, unlike in a traditional CMS such as WordPress.

[00:11] The website builder part means that Prismic allows you to create unique webpages from modular website sections.

[00:17] Well, what does this mean to you? Well, there are many advantages of creating your website builder this way. Mr. McDonald gets a great website builder experience with our simple and intuitive content editing tool that lets him quickly create, update, and test website content.

[00:33] Prismic's headless architecture lets you choose the most optimal tech stack for your website. Prismic integrates deeply with Next and Nuxt helping developers build performant websites faster using our dev tools.

[00:46] Developers have control to ensure consistent brand and design at scale. The styling is not handled in the Prismic editor, but in the website code, so the authors can concentrate on the content.

[00:58] This means Mr. McDonald won't be able to use Comic Sans everywhere unless you make that an option.

Main takeaways

  • CMS: Content Management System.
  • Headless website builder: A tool to build websites using whichever framework you want.
  • Developers have control over code and styling.
  • Mr McDonald can build pages with the editing tool.
  • Please don’t use comic sans.

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