Prismic and Next.js 101

Wait! There's Dev Tools?


[00:00] As a developer, this is where you will see the power of Prismic. Slice Machine is the local development tool for Prismic required to help you build page types and slices.

[00:09] This local tool runs alongside your Next.js project's dev environment, because doing this affords you the advantage of versioning your page type changes with your code changes in your Git workflow.

[00:20] This tool gives you a visual editor to create JSON page types and suggests code for your framework already configured with the necessary information to query the content from Prismic. So the tedious work is done for you and you have time to concentrate on designing an awesome website building experience.

[00:35] It also comes with useful features for building slices, including variations of your designs, local UI testing of mock data, and the ability to upload preview screenshots of your slices. So when you're happy with your code and send it to Prismic, Mr. McDonald knows what he's adding to his website.

Slice Machine allows you to:

  • Model pages
  • Use suggested code
  • Build slices
  • Create slice variations
  • Test slices with mock data
  • Version your work with Git

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