Variations and Simulating Slices

Add the Homepage Content


[00:00] Once you have pushed all your changes, you'll now be able to build your homepage using Prismic.

[00:06] So grab your virtual pitchfork because we're about to do some farming... of web content.

[00:12] This isn't about mindless copy and pasting, but rather a chance to master the use of Slices with Prismic. Imagine how impressed Mr. Mr. McDonald will be when you can swiftly and seamlessly move their content.

[00:23] Just think one day you're planting a title. Next, you're harvesting a fully grown eye-catching webpage. And, well, if that fails, there's always Ctrl+Z.

[00:32] Grab the text content from the live website and add it to Prismic. We've included a download link here to give you all images you need, as well as the all-texts for those images.

[00:42] So let's don our digital overalls, roll up our sleeves and turn this fertile Prismic soil into a thriving website farm.

Home Page Content

Live Website Content

Images and Alt Text

Image 1


Alt text:

Mr. McDonald, our CEO.

Image 2


Alt text:

Mrs. McDonald, our CFO.

Image 3


Alt text:

Our patented "Smart Seeds."

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