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Build a custom and delightful authoring experience for your editors and marketers.

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prismic.io has everything you need for your project's content

prismic.io is fully customizable for your content needs. Define custom types for your content using tabs and a variety of fields and components.

Drag 'n drop fields into the editor

The visual builder allows you to rapidly choose and modify your fields for your custom content. Drag and drop rich text fields, geopoints, images, color fields, relational fields, etc.

Drag 'n drop fields into the editorSlices zoneA flexible way to manage content componentsText fieldStructured or simple textImageImage and mobile versions

Define responsive image views & resolutions

Define multiple views of an image to handle responsive images. Just upload an image and prismic.io will automatically crop, resize and define the corresponding responsive image views.

Define responsive image views & resolutions£379£379

Build relationships between custom types

Build a taxonomy or relationships by linking articles to categories or authors. Safely link between internal content entries and convert these into true URLs.

Build relationships between custom typesAuthor(s)CategoryProductArticle