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Projects built with Prismic

The Fabricage Group

A two-weeks website overhaul project for a client who wanted a custom form that accepts all sorts of CAD Drawing files. You'll find here more details about the client's needs and how Ali built it.

The Fabricage Group website screenshot

The Lockdown Room

The Lockdown Room is a bar/coffeeshop located on London City Island, Canning Town which was born out of lockdown in 2021. The website uses the full power of Nextjs, prismic slices, slice machine and slice zones to hydrate each section of the website.

The Lockdown Room website screenshot

The Bullgroup

The bullgroup is the team behind several popular coffeeshop and bar brands in London. They needed a website they are proud of to showcase their brands. This Nextjs website uses the full power of prismic slices to construct the landing page and hydrate the interactive expanding hero section.

The Bullgroup website screenshot


Dansrose Hub is a Membership platform for artists and creatives to learn how to secure industry deals and start their own business. The platform uses the full power of prismic slices and document relationships to power the single page web app. Homepage is constructed using slices and slice zone whereas the hub itself uses prismic documents and relationships to construct the dynamic paths and navigation system around programmes, courses, and lessons. All content is hosted on Prismic while a supabase postgres database keeps track of user comments and progress on each course/lesson.

Danrose website screenshot

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