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Antoine Martin

Projects built with Prismic


Website built with Gatsby.js and Prismic. A team of two is leveraging 20 Slices, to manage this website in 4 locales

Eminente website screenshot


Based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris within a 400 m2 boutique dedicated to ideas, the independent agency 84.Paris is open to everyone who wants to share its vision about creativity and entertainment.

84.Paris website screenshot

Memo Bank

Neo-bank website, built with Gatsby JS and Prismic, leveraging over 70 Slices, on a hundreds of pages, in 2 languages.

Memo Bank website screenshot

Agency specialized in producing commercials, music videos. Antoine built their site using Gatsby JS and Prismic. With just 8 Slices, the team built over 1,000 documents in Prismic. website screenshot

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