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Projects built with Prismic


Makers' Den built both the Doctari Group website and their blog, Doctari Magazin. For these projects they've used a combination of Prismic + Next.js, + Vercel

Doctari and Doctari Magazin
Doctari Website

We re-built the main marketing site & blog forFRI:DAY Versicherungenusing React, GatsbyJS & Prismic - including extracting a re-usable design system for other frontend teams to consume. FRI:DAY is on the fore-front of digital insurance in Germany, backed by the esteemed Swiss insurer Baloise.

FRI:DAY and FRI:DAY Magazin website

Makers’ Den's team came in to recreate Skedify's website. Together they designed and implemented the site in parallel. Their website is now all managed in a headless website builder, geared towards content creation, SEO and performance. Rabin Nuchtabek, Chief Growth Engineer @ Skedify is super happy with his collaboration with Makers' Den.

Skedify's Website

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