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Projects built with Prismic


Stryve aims to improve the cooking experience online, this meant focusing on important content and a dedicated cooking mode. Content models were carefully put together in Prismic which also streamlined the process when adding new recipes.

Stryve website screenshot


I worked with Etcho to create a high-converting, low-impact website for the conscious investor. With an 88% decrease in CO2 per view and a move to green hosting, the website is now in touch with their customers' morals.

Etcho website screenshot

Noughts & Ones

N&O needed a new website that would reflect their values in the environmental space. This meant building a website that was fairly lean, including a "super-eco mode" that would help educate users about the carbon footprint of the internet.

Noughts & Ones website screenshot


Klarian’s old website was outdated and difficult to manage. They also reported security shortcomings from being on the WordPress platform – all of these problems were addressed by building a new modern website using Jamstack technologies.

Klarian website screenshot

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