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ExaVault's data transfer solutions are a new answer to an old problem - how to get data from A to B. They've taken tried-and-true FTP/SFTP and built a modern interface on top, enabling companies across the globe to receive, send, and collaborate securely across technologies, platforms and time zones.

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TBN Israel

Founded in 1973, Trinity Broadcasting Network has been providing inspirational programs 24/7 across the globe, reaching approximately 2 billion people per day. Over the past 8 years, they have developed a local team based in the heart of Jerusalem. The mission of TBN Israel is to bring you unique and original content directly from Israel and the region. They break down complex issues through storytelling, documenting, and sharing in order to bring fresh perspective to familiar headlines.

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Barry & Batya Segal Music

Barry & Batya Segal have been writing, creating, and producing Israeli praise and worship music in Israel since 1982. Their desire for a more authentic expression of worship that reflected their Jewish and Middle Eastern heritage sparked the beginning of a new genre that crosses generations and cultural boundaries. Together they bring authentic songs from the Bible, in its native language, and share the Hebraic roots of Yeshua.

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ASKDrBrown helps people who are searching for Biblically-sound answers to the most challenging moral and social issues of today. The organization is dedicated to helping people discover hope, refresh their faith, and find their voice in today's chaotic World.

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MyFreeDoctor is a free, donation-funded, telehealth service that gives people easy access to doctors that care for them while respecting their medical freedom. MyFreeDoctor's text-based service gives people quick access to doctors when they need it, all from the comfort of their own homes.

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