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Build and publish websites without constraints

A tool for websites and mobile apps

Prismic is Trusted by over 4,000 companies

Content management for the whole team

Content Writers

Prismic makes content creators truly independent. Create, edit, and publish pages - regardless of your technical background and without relying on rigid templates.


Developers can choose whichever language and framework they prefer to use. Gatsby, React, Nuxt, Next,'s up to them. Build what you need, how you want to.


Few things are more frustrating for designers than creating beautiful pages only to be told that you have to work within the constraints of templates. Prismic solves that.

Project Managers

An iterative approach to website development and content strategy. Design your content editor and get your content, designers, and dev teams to work together.

A customizable, yet simple, user experience

An editing experience that actually manages to be both adaptable and easy-to-use. Don't believe us? Have a look.

Say goodbye to rigid templates

Design the unique pages and content that you want, not just what your templates will allow. Once your development and design team have configured the Slices that you want, you can reuse them to build your pages and arrange them however you need.

Schedule the release of content

There's nothing worse than having to have some of your team be available when your pages need to go live on weekends or in the middle of the night. With Prismic, you can schedule exactly when your content will go live - even mass releases.

Edit content directly from your website

Need to update something on a page? You're just two clicks away. Use an Edit Button displayed on all of your pages that takes you directly to the content editor. Our Edit Button makes updating and correcting pages and content easier than ever before.

Preview your content in real time

Know what your pages look will like before you publish them. Generate shareable links that can even be seen by non-Prismic users. The real-time links automatically update, meaning that you won't have to share a new link every time you make a change.

Prismic in action

Watch our videos to get a better understanding of our overall experience, how features work, and how Prismic could make your life easier.

Enough with all the talk, check out our use cases and find out what Prismic looks like in action.

Rakuten needed to be able to localize and translate content for different markets whilst also managing their large catalogue of products. With Prismic, they've not only been able to do that, but they've also found a CMS with easy UX that all of their content team can use.

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