AI Copywriting Copilot

New AI-powered features in the Page Builder

Introducing Copywriting Copilot: a new era for faster content creation with Prismic and a little bit of help from AI.

Hi everyone,

Renaud, Head of Product at Prismic here 👋 With AI set to transform content creation, we're introducing the Copywriting Copilot to help you navigate these changes. Together, in the upcoming months, we'll navigate how AI can enhance your capabilities and give you a competitive edge.

Integrating AI with Prismic's Page Builder

After seeing our own marketing team benefit from AI tools like ChatGPT and Jasper, we recognized the potential of integrating similar technologies into our Page Builder. The Copywriting Copilot is our response—crafted to embed our content creation expertise directly into your workflow.

Why introduce Copywriting Copilot?

From our experiences and looking at the current use-cases for AI in the website space, we've identified three opportunities for the Copilot to support you with:

  • Generate copy faster: An AI assistant that can help you draft or refine page sections to ensure your copy is clear, consistent, and aligned with your brand.
  • Cut the manual tasks: Your Copilot can also help you move content directly from your content drafting tools like Notion or Google Docs into Prismic, enabling you to rather concentrate your time on creative and strategic work.
  • Localize your content quickly: Let AI suggest localization versions for your content, tailoring it to different languages and cultural nuances to enhance global reach.

Guided by your feedback

We're launching new features regularly and your input is crucial. It helps us identify which enhancements truly help you produce and manage content more effectively. Let us know which features make a difference to your workflow.

Explore Copywriting Copilot

Discover how the new Copywriting Copilot can accelerate your content strategy by request access here. We are in this together—learning, adapting, and gaining the upper hand with AI as our ally.

Thank you for your engagement and feedback. Your success inspires our continued innovation.

Best,Renaud BressandHead of Product

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