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Empower marketers to release on-brand pages fast while using your tech stack. Prismic is the headless page builder for Next.js, Nuxt, and SvelteKit sites.

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To grow your website, you need to release pages fast.

As you’re moving towards your goals, you also need to maintain a consistent brand and fast load times.

Selecting the tools that make it all possible can significantly boost your progress.

This is where Prismic comes in. Embrace the ease of a page builder along with the strengths of headless technology.

On your way to more website releases

Developers use the latest web technologies to build components locally, setting the foundation for optimal performance. Thanks to Prismic's deep integration with Next, Nuxt, and SvelteKit developers can build high-performing websites more quickly.

Once developers create components, they ship them to Prismic’s custom Page Builder. Using these components as building blocks, marketers create on-brand pages faster.

Now your marketing team has the tools to build and update pages using reusable components, while developers easily add new ones when needed. This enables quick growth and adaptation with minimal extra work.

Your ingredients for a fast, flexible site

Headless = performance

Headless separates backend and frontend allowing developers to pick their preferred tech stack. This leads to improved performance and simplified maintenance.

Slices are a game changer

Slices are customizable website sections that ensure you can move fast while maintaining brand consistency. In both code and the editing interface, slices show up as reusable components.

Empower your marketing team to release on-brand pages fast

Slice Machine

Slice Machine is our local development tool. It's where you create components and ship them to a visual page builder for your marketing team.

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Visual Page Builder

The visual Page Builder is where marketers create beautiful pages to grow their website independently. It's what developers build using Slice Machine.

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Great websites are built by great teams. Make your whole team happy with Prismic.

Our engineers ship 10-15 slices every quarter and we create better experiences.

Arnas Juškevičius·Developer
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Our content team moves much quicker in deploying web pages.

Yuriy Mikitchenko·Marketer
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Prismic transformed our development with an easy-to-use platform.

Marianela Queme·Agency
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