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Let AI suggest localization versions for your content, tailoring it to different languages and cultural nuances to enhance global reach.

Renaud Bressand

May 16, 2024

Building first POC

Hey everyone!

We wanted to share some exciting progress on our project to translate Prismic content using AI.

This week progress

While most Large Language Models (LLMs) can translate text between languages pretty well, they often have a hard time with structured and rich content formats. Prismic's internal format is packed with metadata, which lets us distribute high-quality content through our API. This includes our slice model and rich text editor, which supports different formatting options like bold, italic, and more.

Right now, we're focusing on making sure our translation process not only gets the content right but also keeps all those formatting options intact. So, when content gets translated, all the formatting—like bold or italics—stays just as it was.

This week, we're diving into some training and prompt engineering to tackle this challenge. Our goal is to come up with a reliable way to handle both the translation and the formatting.

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep working on this awesome project!

What else is cooking

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Smart copy-paste

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Iterate with AI

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Prompt to slice

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