Link / Content Relationship Templating with Laravel

The Link field is used for adding links to the Web, to files in your media library, or to documents in your repository. The Content Relationship field is a Link field specifically used to link to a Document.

Before Reading

This page assumes that you have retrieved your content and stored it in a variable named $document.

It is also assumed that you have set up a Link Resolver stored in the variable $linkResolver. When integrating a Link in your templates, a link resolver might be necessary as shown & discussed below. To learn more about this, check out our Link Resolving page.

Here's the basic integration of a Link or Content Relationship. This will work for any kind of link: Link to the Web, Link to a Media Item, or a Link to a Document / Content Relationship.

In this example, the Link field has an API ID of my_link.

    use Prismic\Dom\Link;

    $link = $document->data->my_link;
    $linkUrl = Link::asUrl($link, $linkResolver);
    $targetAttr = property_exists($link, 'target') ? 'target="' . $link->target . '" rel="noopener"' : '';

<a href="{{ $linkUrl }}" {{ $targetAttr }}>Click here</a>

Note that the example above uses a Link Resolver to output the link. This is only required for a Link to a Document / Content Relationship.

If you know that your link will always be to Media Item or to the Web, then you can remove this. If the link is to or might be to a Document, then you should always use the Link Resolver.