Rich Text Templating with .NET

Output as HTML

Since Rich Text is used for your text needs, we've included an .AsHtml method to transform it into HTML.

The following example displays the "title" field of the blog post.


This will display the rich text contained in the "body" field of the blog post.


And finally this will display the "quote" field.


Customize the HTML output

You can customize the HTML output by passing an HTML serializer to the method as shown below.

// In your controller
var serializer = prismic.HtmlSerializer.For ((elt, body) => {
  if (elt is fragments.StructuredText.Hyperlink) {
    var link = ((fragments.StructuredText.Hyperlink)elt).Link;
    if (link is fragments.DocumentLink) {
      var doclink = ((fragments.DocumentLink)link);
      return String.Format("<a class=\"some-link\" href=\"{0}\">{1}</a>", resolver.Resolve(doclink), body);

// In Razor
@Html.Raw(Model.document.GetStructuredText("blog-post.body").AsHtml(Model.Resolver, Model.Serializer))

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